Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jethro Cave


It has long been noted that it is not what you know but whom. For a growing set of adolescents coming of age in the spotlight this could be no more true, for their fame hinges on one crucial fact; their parents are famous. For most, anything they do will pale in comparison to the achievements of those who gave them life, whilst a very few will inexplicably manage to outshine their folks. Many are shameless in their quest for fame, trying anything they set their name and money to for their fifteen minutes, whilst others shun the lifestyle completely, seeking only anonymity and the opportunity of leading a normal life.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Clubland August

The conceptualization of science fiction through techno is nothing new, especially not for Robert Hood. As far back as his first albums, Internal Empire and Minimal Nation, Hood has posited the existence of other worlds, alternate realities, supposed futures. His latest long player Omega continues this recurring theme, postulating a post-apocalyptic world of decay and decrepitude in which one man works to find a cure for a plague that has rendered any human survivors zombies.